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Euphoria Profit Potential Profit Potential

The most important factor in generating cool profits from the smoothie business is location, location, location.  It is very important to objectively judge a store's location. Get locations that demographically and psycho graphically hit your customers. Don’t make mediocre decisions on real estate. Your opportunity in the market is different if you're in the downtown section of a college town than it is if you're at the corner of a busy intersection that has no sidewalk. It really, really depends on your market environment, your customers and what you think is missing in the community.

R.E.M Philosophy

The consumer profile for fresh-squeezed juice and smoothies varies, but the purchase is primarily an impulse buy, so careful attention to the menu and the department's appearance are paramount. The biggest thing driving consumer buying behavior, which transcends both the juice and coffee business, is the R.E.M philosophy—rewarding everyday moments. People are willing to spend the four, five or even six bucks for that one little indulgence they have every day, whether it's a double mocha, chai tea or a strawberry-banana smoothie.

Profitable Pour

Smoothies and related beverages such as Bubble Tea make a profitable pour. At Euphoria, a 20 ounce serving sells for CAD $4.97

How Easy It Is To Make A Profit - Sample Chart
20 Oz. Serving
(Canadian Dollars)

Menu Price
(20 Oz.)

Cost Per Serving
(product cost + ice + cup + lid)
Profit Per Serving Profit Per Year at 100 Servings a Day Profit Per Year at 200 Servings a Day Profit Per Year at 300 Servings a Day







Smoothie Profit Calculator

Curious about how much money you can really make? How many smoothies do you think  your Euphoria store, kiosk or mobile cart will generate daily, after you have chosen an ideal location? How about if you have four locations? You can plug in few of your own numbers below to get a better picture of your expected gross profits just from smoothie sales:

Smoothies Profit Calculator

Welcome to the Smoothie Profits Calculator. Just enter the selling price, food cost, servings per day, and when your business is open, then click on the Calculate button to get the profits for: each smoothie, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
Original figures are based on 20-ounce servings and CAD $.

Selling Price:
Food Cost ( - ):
(product cost + ice + cup + lid)
Servings Per Day:
Days open per Week:
Weeks open per Month:


Months open per Year:

Profit Per Smoothie:

Daily Smoothie Profits:
Weekly Smoothie Profits:
Monthly Smoothie Profits:
Yearly Smoothie Profits:

*The average month has 4.3 weeks. Note: Costs and profit projections are based on approximate mix cost averages. This calculation does not include all other sales such as Bubble Tea, Mochas, Lattes, Chai Tea, Protein Bars, Energy Drinks, Nutritional Supplements, Gift Baskets, Gourmet Coffee, Gourmet Stuffed Pretzels and other Specialty Retail Items. Your results may vary.

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