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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Thank you Thank you Canada  for the Dream to Dream and to Achieve! - Sam & Bisma Canada Thank you Canada  for the Dream to Dream and to Achieve! - Sam & Bisma for the Opportunity to Dream and to Achieve!

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Testimonials From Our Licensees

We'd like to thank the both of you for all of your support during this long planning. We wanted to capture the essence of Euphoria and hopefully set the standard for future licensees.
Couldn't have done it without all of the help from the two of you!

Thanks a MILLION!

Art & Louis
Euphoria Elite

Sam-We think the initial introductory opening went well...we served over 650 - 3 oz. samples of different smoothie examples. All were received enthusiastically, with comments of delicious!, best ever and that sort of talk. We all had our Euphoria shirts and hats on and offered poolside service.  

Dan & Susan Bangert
Euphoria Express


You guys are the best. Great customer service and always prompt. I can't tell you how pleased we are.
People have been raving about how good the smoothies are and already have regular customers. 

Thanks again!

Bernadette & Marzia
Euphoria Express

The store is all the fun we hoped it would be and more. People love the smoothies. I have customers come in and tell me our drinks are better than Jamba juice. I giggle and tell them I have to agree because I checked them out before choosing Euphoria. So glad I did all research.

Mark & Kimberly Glidewell
Euphoria Express

Hi Sam,

I am back from the land of trying to do a franchise,, It cant work they are so closed minded and we clashed every step of the way. Your product tastes better anyway,, I am ready to go with Euphoria :-)

Michelle Seitz
Euphoria Elite

Your products are simply amazing. We have been in food service business for over 23 years but have never seen this kind of great feedback from customers. Thank you for introducing us to the best smoothie and juice bar concept on the planet.

Bob Soucy & Bev McNeil
Euphoria Elite

Hello Sam,

I am writing to thank you for all your help in getting me established in this exciting business!  I have always wanted a small business of my own, and I feel so fortunate that I finally came upon the perfect opportunity.  Your entire team is wonderful to work with.

Ruth Gillespie
Euphoria Elite

Dearest Mr. Sam,

You really know how to hire the best people. Everyone at your office is very nice. I called yesterday and  Mr. Clayton helped me a great deal with my order. People love Euphoria and our most popular right now is Mango and Strawberry. How soon can we get the pretzels in Dubai? These are the best smoothies in the entire Middle East. 

Ali Alshehhi
Area Developer, UAE

This is so smooth, it's euphoric. I've always been health conscious about what goes into my body and what I serve my family. Euphoria really fits into my concept of what a little smoothie, coffee and juice bar should be. 

Fran Burman
Euphoria Elite

Looking forward to Monday's launch. As promised, a couple of pictures of the store just to give you a flavour of what it looks like, hope you like what you see. We are on the way, onwards and upwards!

Thank you Euphoria for everything.

John Maddocks
Area Developer, UK

Hi Sam, 

I've obtained an option for one of the locations I mentioned.  I feel very happy and fortunate to be associated with Euphoria. Thanks for your continued assistance. 

Mario Leonard
Euphoria Elite

Euphoria from Greek, from euphoros: a feeling
of well-being, health, happiness or elation!

Smoothie, Bubble Tea & Juice Bar Opportunity How to Generate Profits from The Fast Growing Smoothies, Bubble Tea, Gourmet Soft Stuffed Pretzels, Tart Frozen Yogurt, Lattes, Nutritional Supplements And Juice Bar Business?

Are you interested in a business that can provide you a better way to make a living?  If yes, then join the Smoothie, Bubble Tea, Gourmet Pretzels, Nutritional Supplements And Juice Bar revolution as a highly profitable independent licensed operator.

Come and grow with us! The innovators of nutritious food and beverages with an island attitude.  Euphoria is like no other!  During the next 10 years frozen drinks will experience rapid growth becoming a $40 Billion market as large as the beer business and as popular as fountain and bottled drinks. 

A Unique Powerful Fusion Concept

Euphoria Smoothies and Nutritional Supplements are the best of the best!  Our product line of all-natural and healthy beverages allows our licensed operators high profits and incredible return on investment.  Fruit Smoothies, Power Smoothies,  Euphoric Bubble Tea, Amazing Chai Tea, Mochas, Lattes, Gourmet Pizza, Gourmet Stuffed Soft Pretzels, Tart Frozen Yogurt and Nutritional Supplements are among the products our licensed operators take pride in selling (click here to view the Euphoria Menu as a pdf file).

The Amazing Euphoria Advantage

Freedom Have Total Control of Your Own Business and Whatever
Other Related Products You Wish to Sell.......

Economic Sense! Invest Your Precious Business Capital on Your Own
Business and Ideas........
Economic Sense!

Business Sense! Keep ALL Your Hard Earned Profits.....After all, You
 Worked For Them...
Business Sense!

- No Franchise Royalty Fees

- You Own 100% of Your Store Revenue

- One-Time Licensing Fee

- Full Marketing Support

- No Gimmicks. No Hidden Surprises.

Life, Liberty And Good Health 

Today's consumers are taking charge of their health and are more and more interested in and receptive to the concept of nutritional supplements. Health and well-being products are hot and consumers are yearning for healthy nutritious foods. See the benefits of Smoothies served by Euphoria: 

Drink Your Best.  Be Your Best.
Positive Thinking. Positive Drinking.

  • Freshest tasting smoothies in the market.

  • We go head to head with other smoothie shops and WIN in taste tests.

  • MORE fruit and juice than most national franchise smoothie shops offer in their smoothies.

  • SHELF STABLE, no refrigeration or freezing needed (until opened) 

  • 100% Natural - NO preservatives.

  • NO artificial colors or flavors 

  • HEALTHY and They taste great!! NO FAT !! 

  • LACTOSE FREE - Can be made 100% non-dairy 

  • Vitamin and Mineral fortified 

  • No experience necessary in blended drinks. We will teach you how! 

  • Offer meal replacement smoothies and start a healthy breakfast program 

  • Strong profit margins 

We invite you to come in and discover what we mean when we say "Euphoria...A State of Mind And Body!™"

Your First Step

This could be your first step towards a working partnership with Euphoria.

"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful."

Herman Cain

Running a smoothie & juice bar can be very rewarding. It’s very demanding and comes with real responsibility, 365 days a year. If that’s for you and you have:

  • the determination to succeed
  • the ability to get on with people and make them feel welcome
  • an outgoing personality
  • the ability to manage staff
and you are still able to:
  • balance the books and
  • think of innovative ways to make the business continually grow

then you are just the right kind of person for Euphoria. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch.

"We grow by dreams. All big men are dreamers,
some of us let dreams die, but others nourish and protect them, nurse them through bad days... to the sunshine and light which always come."

Woodrow Wilson

Euphoria is the perfect low-investment, low-risk business to build wealth while spending time with your family, or pursuing your dreams!  Take Immediate and Massive Action In The Direction of Your Dreams. Get Started Today.

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Our Customers

I learned about your store at the Bridal show. Your smoothies are delicious. Not only are they good, but they are good for me. Many thanks. Leslie Noble

All the smoothies are brilliant, but our most favourite are Coco Loco and Tropical Oasis - made to perfection! A regular spot for us. - Dave & Ashley

What a pleasure to have been here...First impression GRRREAT! Service Excellent! Very Helpful! Keep it Up! Thanks - Jaime Collins

Amazing smoothies and pretzels. Doug Broubaker

Awesome. I love it! - James Berti

I love this place - Maddie Barnes

I love your smoothies. Count me as a loyal customer. Keep up the good work... - Wanda Cadre

I moved here in January from Vancouver. Now I can enjoy all my favourite beverages right here...Thank you for opening Euphoria in North Bay! - John Milcroft

Great smoothies, lots of flavours, and staff sooooo friendly and helpful...I love your Chai Tea and JaMocha Fever too...Wish you lots of continued success. Jessica Giroux

Great smoothies, great service, excellent value. An absolute favourite! - Paul Nelson

Your Chai Tea is the best. Trust me, I have tried all other places and this is most definitely #1...Bar None - Jackie Lefebvre

Wow!!! I love this store because you get many things that make you healthy...YUMMY AND NUTRITIOUS " - Katy Wiley

Thanks for the awesome Resurrect and Pizza pretzel combo.  It's the best lunch I've had in a long time. - John McPherson

Seriously, your smoothies are the best  on this or any planet. Right now, I am totally euphoric :-) - Sara Anderson

I love this store. You should open one on campus! Mercedes Adrian

Smoothielicious. Love this place! - Michelle Raymond

I really love the smoothies - Sierra Greco

You are the best...This is the best smoothie I have ever had anywhere, texture, flavor, temperature all perfect.... - Tim Wong

You made my day. This is the best store for cool drinks... I love it! Please open a store at the University. - Kristina Vardy

Thanks for the great smile and great service! - Eric McKeown

I Wouldn't Hesitate to Beg My Husband to Drive 2 1/2 Hours out of the City For Your Smoothies and Chai Tea Latte! - Jennifer Bly


This stuff is so addicting you should be selling it in little packets on the corner. Euphoria Smoothies will hook you like a junkie. I am totally addicted. - Al Martinez


I love Euphoria. I personally know of people who would pawn grandma’s pearl necklace for Euphoria's Coco Loco. - Amy Campbell


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