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Licensee Frequently Asked Questions

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Licensee FAQ's Licensee Frequent Asked Questions

“an effective mission statement basically answers one question:
 How do we intend to win in this business?” – Jack Welch, GE

We take the mystery out of starting your own smoothie, bubble tea, gourmet soft stuffed pretzels, nutritional supplements and juice bar business. We provide direction. We save you time. We save you money. We empower you to be more productive and be better equipped to compete with the big guys and WIN in this business.

  1. Why should I go with Euphoria?
    The primary purpose of the Euphoria Licensing program is to provide entrepreneurs a means of promoting highest quality products and to provide an amazing profit center and a unique selling feature. There is an added value to using the Euphoria® mark. As the Euphoria® mark has grown in recognition for high quality, it has also grown in value to those who use it.

    What makes our concept different is that it started with
    nutrition and wellness in mind. We realize that a smoothie & juice bar is probably not your only concern and cannot be a distraction from running other aspects of your existing or new business, it should compliment your business and other services you offer. 

    We make the smoothies & juice bar
    as simple and easy to implement as possible via the 24/7 unlimited access to the Euphoria Intranet system. With Euphoria, you get the big time branding benefits of a national/international brand without the costs, ongoing royalties, hassles and constant fees associated with a franchise.  We give you a franchise like system, support & marketing without the monthly advertising/royalty fees. Best of all, you keep 100% of your store revenue and total control over your business.

  1. How much does a Euphoria License cost? 
    Right now, the Euphoria License can be purchased for a one-time fee of:

    Euphoria ExpressEuphoria Express  - One-Time $14,800
    Perfect for Co-Branding, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Tanning Salons, Cafes, Stores, Schools, Campuses, Malls, Kiosks, etc. 

    Euphoria EliteEuphoria Elite - One-Time $34,800 
    Perfect for New, Stand Alone Smoothie, Bubble Tea, Gourmet Specialty Beverage, Nutritional Supplement and Juice Bar Store


  2. What is the estimated initial capital requirement?
    Your initial cost to get Euphoria system up and running can be as little as $45,000 and as much as $145,000. It all depends on how much equipment you need to buy and how elaborate you want your store/kiosk/cart to look. 

  3. What is the order lead time on products ordered through Euphoria?
    Lead time on ordering Euphoria Products: Typically, we ship our products every Monday. Your order can be placed any time, any day, however if you place an order on Friday it won't ship until Monday. All orders are shipped "ground." So, for product to get to you, for example, it would probably take 7-10 days. Please note: The smoothie and bubble tea mixes are shelf stable, so you can order large quantities and not need to re-order for a long time. Again, you can order one month's supply or 3 month's supply and be ok (depending on how much storage space you have) -- OR if you have an emergency, chances are you can get the products overnighted to you (it will be expensive, but possible).  

  4. Do you provide estimated costs by ingredient portions?
    Yes, most definitely.  Please fill out the More Information form  to view or download the "Euphoria Catalog" document that contains the "cost per serving" and other valuable info for you. 

  5. Can I get more information on list of equipment required?
    Yes, most definitely.  Please fill out the More Information form  to view or download the "Start Your Own Euphoria" document that includes the info on "list of equipment".  

If you have any questions that we have not answered, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to helping you create your own Euphoria!

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